Torch Scholars

Meet the 2025 Scholars


Major: Psychology

Hometown/High School: New York City

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Amanda is originally from New York City and is currently majoring in Psychology with a minor in theatrical design. Amanda was heavily involved in stage crew during all four years of high school where she was a part of Stage Crew as a stage crew manager. During her senior year of high school, she was promoted to Director. In addition to this she was also the cameraman for the school news station where she recorded each news session and provided input into what should go into the news in the upcoming sessions. Aside from her theater and news involvement, Amanda was the Secretary for the Gender-Sexuality Alliance Club where she collaborated with the President and Co-President to create group discussions for weekly meetings and helped to plan fundraising for their school trips. Amanda was also a part of the Social Justice and Feminist Clubs in school. In the future, Amanda plans to go into medicine and hopefully own a clinic for those in low-income areas. Amanda says she would love to help create set designs in local theatres as well. In her spare time, Amanda enjoys reading and playing video games.


Major: Health Science

Hometown/High School: Chicago, Illinois/Gwendolyn Brooks College Preparatory High School

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Jermaya is from Chicago, Illinois and is a second-year Health Science major. After completing their bachelor’s degree, they plan to continue onto graduate school and earn their master’s and PHD in physical therapy. Jermaya also has hopes of eventually starting a nonprofit organization that offers several therapeutic services to underprivileged communities. These services would include physical, occupational, speech, psychiatric therapy, and more. They attended Gwendolyn Brooks College Preparatory High School on the south side of Chicago. This is where they were able to get involved as a student ambassador and a Chicago scholar. Jermaya was also able to continue cheerleading which they’ve been doing since the fourth grade. During their sophomore year, they began working part time jobs to help their mother pay their cheer fees. In their spare time they love to paint, color, and re-watch old seasons of my favorite TV show, Grey’s Anatomy.


Major: Behavioral Neuroscience

Hometown/High School: Downey, California

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Jeffrey is from Downey, California. His parents immigrated from Mexico at a young age and were able to establish a life for their family. Jeffrey is currently majoring in Behavioral Neuroscience and still deciding between a PreMed/PrePA track, but the main goal is to be in a position where he can help others. In high school, Jeffrey was involved in a variety of clubs and sports teams like baseball becoming a founding member of the Space and Aeronautics club at his school. Jeffrey also helped teach high schoolers at his local church and even created his own tutoring service where he would tutor kids of all ages in mathematics. All throughout high school he was also a part of AVID, which helped him get to where he is now at Northeastern. In addition to school involvement, Jeffrey also worked with his dad doing landscape work every weekend since he was seven. As someone who’s family members have been the victims of substance abuse, he wants to help others achieve sobriety and good mental health. In his spare time, Jeffrey enjoys watching baseball or any sort of sports at all, hanging out with friends, and being with family (as they are the most important thing in his life).

Ernest (“EJ”)

Hometown/High School: Chicago, Illinois/RTC Medical Magnet Preparatory High School

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Ernest (“EJ”) was born and raised on the west side of Chicago, Illinois, where he is the youngest of 11 siblings. EJ attended RTC Medical Magnet Preparatory High School, where he served as the Student Representative of the Local School Council, a member of the National Honor Society, Freshman Mentor, and Percussionist on the Drumline. Outside of EJ’s academic involvement, he served as a praise and worship leader at his church and vocalist for the Chicago West Community Music Center, performing for various events like the Thanksgiving Parade, Chicago Bulls Christmas celebration, and more. Recognized at his high school for “most likely to become a doctor”, EJ has continued to pursue a major in Health Sciences with plans to attend medical school immediately following graduation with interests in Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery and Critical Care. EJ is dedicated to bringing change and innovation to his neglected, disadvantaged community in Chicago. His dream is to one day open his own private practice on the west side of Chicago where he’ll serve his people unconditionally and give back what he never saw. To facilitate this process, EJ has worked extensively in Community Engagement, and clinically in the ER, Mental Health, and Ambulatory Medicine. Aside from health care and serving the underserved, EJ loves to shop!


Major: Bioengineering

Hometown/High School: Bath, Maine/Morse High School

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Magdalene was born and raised in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. She moved to Bath, Maine, with her family at the age of seventeen in 2018. She attended Morse high school, where she graduated with a seal of biliteracy in French. Some of her high school involvements include theatre, math team, cross country, tennis, and dream club. She also participated in the Dirigo Girls State program. She is majoring in Bioengineering with the goal of doing cancer research in the future. Some of the things she likes to do for fun are baking, watching movies or shows, music (she loves singing with her siblings), traveling, and learning languages.


Major: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Hometown/High School: Becket, MA

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Aliyah is from Becket, Massachusetts and is currently majoring in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. In high school she was involved with the Social Justice Club, the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA), and Shakespeare theater. In addition to clubs, she also played four years of varsity volleyball, and three years of club volleyball. Aliyah has dreams of going on to attain her masters and PhD after graduating Northeastern with hopes of becoming a marine biologist. In her spare time, Aliyah draws, a lot. She also enjoys writing and reading and taking care of her houseplants. Aliyah has over 30 houseplants in her dorm which she lovingly considers a part-time job.


Major: Health Science

Hometown/High School: Boston, MA

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Najma is a second year Torch student from Boston, Massachusetts. She is currently majoring in Health Science, with a minor in Sociology. As of now she is on the pre-Physician’s Assistant Track with goals of working in a hospital setting as a PA. She has not yet decided on a specialty! In her free time, she loves to paint while watching murder mystery documentaries.


Major: Criminal Justice and Psychology

Hometown/High School: Haiti

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Woody (he/him) is a Criminal Justice and Psychology major. He was born and raised in Haiti and moved to Naples, FL at 11 years old. In high school, Woody led and participated in several clubs such as: National Honor Society, Key Club, and a cultural club he helped form called, We Dine Together. Woody also ran short distance events in Track and Field for two years and worked at a smoothie shop. His future goals are to graduate from Northeastern and possibly attend law school and hopes to work in either Criminology or International law, with a strong focus of improving socioeconomics in third-world counties. In his spare time, Woody likes to thrift clothes, walk around Boston, cook, read, drink Boba, watch shows or movies, and go places with friends. He also loves to volunteer at local organizations to help the youth, improve education, and reduce homelessness/gentrification in Boston.


Major: Political Science and Business Administration

Hometown/High School: Gonaives, Haiti

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Chanie was born in Gonaives, a commune on the small countryside in the north of Haiti. She left her home at the age of eight to travel to America. In search of the American dream, Chanie’s family did everything they could to encourage her to pursue a greater education than they had. With a combined major of Political Science and Business Administration and concentrations in Law and Legal Studies and Marketing, respectively, Chanie is excited to pursue her career in law and in the business world. Her goal is to form a non-profit organization that helps to combat homelessness, provide kids and teens with a meal every day, and provide legal aide to those in need. Volunteering and actively being a part of her Model UN club were her favorite activities in high school. She continues to volunteer in college almost every week by being a part of the NU ACES club. In her spare time, she reads Supreme Court cases, creating a fun and exciting game in the process.

Henry (“Levi”)

Major: Nursing

Hometown/High School: Tohatchi, New Mexico/Santa Fe Indian School

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Levi is from Tohatchi, New Mexico and attended the Santa Fe Indian School. Levi proudly identifies as Navajo American Indian and speaks Athabascan/Navajo. In high school, Levi was a senior leader for his varsity football team and also worked part time as a peer tutor after school. Interested in the healthcare field, Levi interned for a healthcare exploration program and also learned how to draw blood as a phlebotomy student. His passion for science and caring influenced him to follow his dream of becoming a nurse where he is now a Nursing major at Northeastern University.


Major: Journalism and Political Science

Hometown/High School: Redwood City, California

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Noelia is from Redwood City, California in the San Francisco Bay Area but her family comes from Apatzingan, Michoacan, Mexico. She is a Journalism and Political Science combined major with a minor in Law and public policy. In high school, she was the broadcast and sports editor of her school’s paper, Woodside’s The Paw Print. She was the co-founder and Vice President of the Tree Huggers Environmental club and founder and president of the Journalism club. Noelia played varsity basketball and varsity lacrosse. Her future goals are to pursue a career as a politics or investigative journalist and later on pursue a career in immigration law. Noelia loves to skateboard, read, write, and get lost in the beautiful city of Boston!