Each year, nearly 400 nominees from across the United States vie for 13 Torch Scholarships.

Torch looks to school counselors, teachers, mentors, clergy, and community
workers to find deserving Torch Scholars.

Torch Nominators are non-family members—adults and professionals in or out of the school setting who know the student on a personal level. Nominators should be prepared to answer questions about the candidate’s family obligations, motivation, and emotional readiness for college. Please take a moment to think about the promising young people in your life who might benefit from the Torch Scholars Program. You may nominate more than one student in the same academic year.

We’re glad that you are considering nominating a student for Torch. You can nominate a student here. The deadline for nominations is January 1.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

What to know more? Check out some of our virtual events!

Virtual Events

Past Virtual Events

An Introduction to the Torch Scholarship Program

The Torch Scholarship Program provides hard-working and accomplished first-generation college students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents from low-income backgrounds with a full scholarship to Northeastern and the support to excel. In this virtual event for prospective students, college counselors, and community-based organizations, find out who would make a good applicant to this program, what’s important in our selection process, and how you or your students can be considered for this opportunity.

The Torch Scholarship Nomination Process

We invite college counselors and CBOs to learn more about the Torch Scholarship nomination process. Torch Scholars are first-generation college-bound students who are US Citizens or permanent residents from a low-income background who have overcome challenges while in high school. These challenges have hidden their potential and likely impacted their academics while in school. You know who these students are, their challenges and strengths. Please join us to find out how to nominate these students for a full scholarship to Northeastern and the support to excel when they are here. We will cover the nomination process, exactly what we are looking for, and answer all of your questions about Torch. 

A Conversation With Current Torch Scholars

Torch Scholars are students who are first-generation college students, that is, their parents or guardians do not have a four-year college degree. Hear what they have to say about their experiences at Northeastern, their journey to college, and what it means to have a full scholarship and support from the university.