Torch Scholars

Meet the 2022 Scholars


Major: Business

Hometown/High School: West Roxbury, MA

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Jahari was born in Norristown, Pennsylvania, but was raised in Brockton, Massachusetts. In high school, he participated in their diversity club, and competed in varsity basketball. Jahari is a caring person, putting everyone’s emotions and wellbeing before his own. His primary motivation is his family, consisting of his younger sister and mother. After a family tragedy, he realized Brockton is not the place for his family, and believes that his excelling in school is what will be their “ticket out.” With an intended business major, he plans on joining the pre-law club to strengthen his public speaking and to prepare for law school. Extremely grateful, Jahari praises God for blessing him with the opportunity of being a Torch Scholar.


Major: Health Science

Hometown/High School: Asheville, NC

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Lauren was born and raised in Inglewood, California and attended Asheville School in Asheville, North Carolina. Lauren is known to be an advocate for social justice issues and holds community close to her heart. Lauren was a top scholar in her senior class and was nominated to be the class orator at her senior graduation where she urged her peers to live in the moment and accept all challenges as opportunities. Lauren was also the founder and president of the new Multicultural Club and made a space available on her campus for people of color to feel safe. The club was a success and continues to send students to further their education on social issues at the Student Diversity Leadership Conference, Privilege Conference, and more. She hopes to pursue medicine and become an obstetrician gynecologist with a focus in urban areas due to the lack of medical attention women are given there.


Major: Behavioral Neuroscience

Hometown/High School: Bath, ME

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Izabella was born in Avon Park, Florida, then moved to Bath, Maine for a better education system. Izabella owes her success and nomination to the program Upward Bound where she finally felt supported. Izabella struggled living in a low-income home where her father’s illness and job loss made her grow up quickly. These obstacles pushed Izabella to make a difference and use her education to do so. Izabella volunteered at Mid Coast Hospital where she furthered her passion for the healthcare field. By majoring in behavioral neuroscience, she hopes to make an impact in understanding how our brains function. One of her biggest goals is to take a more scientific approach to suicide prevention, especially after losing a close childhood friend to this her freshman year in high school.


Major: Computer Science/Music Composition and Technology

Hometown/High School: Cambridge, MA

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Kevin attended Prospect Hill Academy Charter School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He was very active in soccer, student entrepreneurship, and music. Kevin has immersed himself in music, teaching himself everything he knows and using his passion for music as a way to escape his troubles. At the student entrepreneurship center called The Possible Project, Kevin created a business where he provided DJ skills and sold and promoted his own music. What drives Kevin is his little brother. Kevin and his brother have a friendly sibling rivalry and Kevin wants to set the bar high for his little brother because he knows it will make his brother strive to surpass it.


Major: Business

Hometown/High School: Charlestown, MA

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Originally from the Dominican Republic, Enmanuel immigrated to the United States in 2014 when he was 14 years old, leaving family behind to reunite with his mom. Enmanuel came with the mentality of taking advantage of the educational system this country offers and feels he is living the American Dream with the help of the Torch program. Emmanuel went to Charlestown High school where it helped him get used to the difficult transition from one culture to another. However, with dedication and perseverance, he believes anything is possible. His intended major is International Business because his family owned their own business in the Dominican Republic. Enmanuel hopes to give back to the community by volunteering and someday by helping another student be blessed with the same opportunities he has today.


Major: Political Science/Computer Science

Hometown/High School: Las Vegas, NV

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Growing up in a low-income family, Ana was inspired to chase her dream of a higher education. Ana did not let the adversity the she faced become a roadblock, her resilience and perseverance shined through. Ana lived with her mother and her two younger siblings, and her mother’s determination and strength motivated her to follow her aspirations.  Ana was a member of the Fulfillment Fund and Upward Bound, both college readiness programs that helped grow her confidence, and participated in varsity basketball, which honed her leadership skills.  Outside of school Ana volunteered in many political campaigns, which sparked her interest in a Political Science major. Her passion for math and critical thinking explains her Computer Science interest. Ana graduated from high school with an Advanced Honors diploma and hopes to be on the pre-law track with both majors so that one day she is able to give back to her community and give her family the life they deserve.


Major: International Affairs

Hometown/High School: Portland, ME

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Dylantha was born in Burundi, but is currently a Maine resident, along with her mother and two younger siblings. She loves to help others and advocate for those in need which she learned from her strong, beautiful mother. She will be majoring in International Affairs on a Pre-Med track and hopes to become a surgeon that advocates for adequate health care globally. Her favorite activities include theater, advocacy work, and time with friends and family. Her goal in life is to change her community and the world through the knowledge she gains here at Northeastern University, and ultimately, to be content with life. 


Major: Environmental Studies/International Affairs

Hometown/High School: Brooklyn, NY

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Before attending Northeastern University, Deloris served on the board of directors at Global Kids Inc. and traveled to Japan as a youth leader with the non-profit organization to learn about the tsunami/earthquake disaster that occurred in 2011. Her travels abroad did not stop at the Asian continent; she traveled to The Hague, The Netherlands to represent the United States in the International Moot Court competition. She intends to major in International Affairs and pursue a law degree. Deloris’ ultimate goal is to be the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations under one condition: she will be appointed under a president she values.


Major: Biochemistry

Hometown/High School: Downey, CA

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Jessica was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, where her parents emigrated from Mexico a few months before she was born. While growing up, Jessica saw the struggles of living in one of the poorest urban neighborhoods in Southern California, and knew she wanted to provide for herself and her family in the future. Through her life, she has enjoyed dance and soon became a competitive dancer. In high school, Jessica loved to be involved in her community and her school; she volunteered at Kaiser Permanente to explore her interests in the medical field, empowered women by being on the board for Ladies Leadership, and volunteered and dedicated her time to two non-profits: Drumming for your Life and the Roundhouse Aquarium. Jessica was a member of the AVID program at her high school, which she believes shaped her to the determined student she is now, and is one of the reasons she is a Torch Scholar.


Major: Criminal Justice/Psychology

Hometown/High School: Portland, OR

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William Van Sant was born and raised Portland, Oregon. He was heavily invested in Student Government, becoming Student Body President his senior year of high school. In 12th grade, he lead a school wide fundraiser, adopting and providing five families toiletries, warm clothes, non-perishable goods, and a stipend of cash. With the help of his cohorts he was also able to partner with Dollar for Portland, a nonprofit that paid off medical debts for families, adopting an additional family for first time in the fundraisers history. William used his time and skills to give back to families that had been in situations familiar to him and his family.


Major: Arts/Graphic Design

Hometown/High School: Wellesley, MA

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Leaving her family behind in Egypt, Amera moved to Paterson, New Jersey at the age of nine where she quickly adapted to the language difference and become accustomed to western culture. Living in a low-income, single-parent household, Amera never let anything get between her and her passion for education. Even with the lack of support within her underfunded public school, Amera earned herself a full ride scholarship to Dana Hall, a private high school in Wellesley, MA where she was able to explore social and political global issues through her artwork. Amera has been an active participant in The Memory Project for the past three years, creating portraits for Syrian orphaned refugee kids to keep. She is best known for her sense of community, empathy, leadership, and activism. With a passion for political and social sciences and graphic design, Amera hopes to one day become a global political activist through street art, advocating for the voiceless through art worldwide.