Life is all about timing… the unreachable becomes reachable, the unavailable become available, the unattainable… attainable. Have the patience, wait it out it’s all about timing.”-Stacey Charter


My name is Emani Mcknight and I am a senior studying political science and international affairs. I am also a member of the Torch 5 class. I decided to embark on my second co-op for a number of reasons. I was originally enrolled in Northeastern as class of 2015. However by fall 2013, I had enough credits to graduate in May 2014. I was at a cross roads. Do I leave NU having done one previous co-op at the Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation and one study abroad program in Sydney Australia? Or do I maximize my time here, continue to build relationships, strengthen my resume, increase my involvement in the community and take some time to truly enjoy senior year?  I chose the later with absolutely no regrets. As juniors and seniors, with pressure from our families, our environments and sometimes ourselves, we must remember to take a step back and make rational decisions. We must remember that we are only undergraduate students once and while we must plan for tomorrow we must also remember to live for today. By going on a second co-op, I am more able to prepare myself mentally, academically and financial for law school in fall 2015. I am able to enhance my resume and add new people to my professional network. Working at the Massachusetts Division of Insurance has been an amazing experience thus far.

As a Consumer Information Ambassador, my job is a constant conglomerate of consumer education, preventative behaviors and solution seeking. My primary task is to assist and inform consumers who call, write to or visit the Division of Insurance. Some people will enlist the help of the Division of Insurance in order to mediate a dispute they are having with an insurance company, agent, agency or producer. Here at the Division of Insurance we offer a comprehensive complaint process that involves investigating consumer concerns. As long as the case in our jurisdiction, upon receiving the paperwork, the complaint is logged and assigned a case number and to an insurance examiner, who works as a third party mediator. The insurance company, agent or producer is then notified that there is a complaint filed against them and they are legally mandated to respond to the complaint via our office. Once we receive the response, the insurance examiner is able to conclude the case within a minimum of sixty days. In addition to filing a formal complaint, consumers call the Division of Insurance when they have questions about new regulations, changes in existing laws, and need general information regarding the insurance industry and market in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This requires me to know various different regulations, standards and practices. I also attend hearings, staff meetings, press conferences and perform audits. While my job can sometimes be challenging, working at the Division of Insurance is an amazing opportunity to have as a twenty two year old undergraduate student.

In summary, if you can, take your time. Maximize opportunities offered by Northeastern. Travel to a new place. Study hard. Work in a new environment. Develop authentic relationships with professors. Get involved in the community and most of all enjoy being an undergrad because although 5 years may sound like a lot, it isn’t enough!

Love Always,

Emani Mcknight

Political Science and International Affairs 2015