When I first came to Northeastern and heard the phrase “5 Year Program” for the first time, I thought to myself; oh boy, here we go. I didn’t believe I could put up with the fact that all of my fellow classmates in high school would be done with college a whole year before me! I heard horror stories about the first co-op, stories consistenting of menial chores and disgruntled co-workers.  That didn’t help me sleep at night when it came time to apply to my first batch of jobs!  Instead of backing down and ruling out co-op as an option, I dared to indulge my curiosity and try it. After all, Northeastern is known for its co-op program, so why not? Looking back on my first co-op experience, and forward to my second, I couldn’t have made a better decision for my future.

As a Political Science major and a Philosophy minor, the possibilities are endless when considering the different fields I can go into after undergrad. Law is certainly one of those fields, so I decided my first co-op should be devoted toward pursuing my interest in the legal field. My first co-op, which I completed last December, was at Todd & Weld LLP in downtown Boston. I served as a Legal Aide. My experience was the exact opposite of what I had heard and expected. I can’t begin to tell you how friendly and knowledgeable the people were and just how comfortable I became during my short 6 month stay. I was able to attend numerous court hearings, depositions, mediations and arbitrations.  The most memorable was the Occupy Boston case.  I developed a close relationship with a couple of the Associate Attorneys and still keep in touch with them on a mentee/mentor basis. After my experience at Todd & Weld LLP, I was sold on the concept of co-op and I couldn’t wait to get to my second.

Last month I was offered and accepted a position at the Massachusetts Office of Consumer Information and Business Regulation as a Hotline/Consumer Info Specialist. This job appealed to me because it was a position within the State department and was a different aspect of post-grad work that I was interested in – the government sector. It also appealed to me because as a consumer myself, it never hurts to learn the law and the legal aspect behind the many things we take for granted.  They are in fact a bit more complex. An informed public is a state/country’s greatest asset; working for this office and informing the public will be my mission. I look forward to the opportunity presented ahead of me and, in true Torch fashion, will look to make the best of it.  I will take as much as I can from it to try and give back to the community of which I am a part.